The Prana + Patchouli Podcast

The Prana + Patchouli Podcast

Hosted by: Amy Davies

Join Amy Davies, a restorative yoga teacher and the head and heart behind Prana + Patchouli as she shares self-care tips, spiritual tools, breathwork and guided meditations to reduce stress and raise your vibration....

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Your Body is the Home of Your Soul

Episode #47

#047 - We often have complicated relationships with our bodies, but they’re the vessels through which we create, love and share our light with the world. They’re also the home of our soul (in this lifetime). In this...
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The Heart Breath

Episode #46

#046 - Sometimes, when things become too much, we think the safest thing to do is close our hearts and cut ourselves off from the world. But if we truly want to experience the highs, we need to embrace the lows, too....
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Episode #45

#045 - Prayer is a deeply personal experience that can be practised in many different ways, no matter what your beliefs may be. The Sufi mystic poet, Rumi, said: “Prayer clears the mist and brings back peace to the...
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Boundaries for Free Spirits

Episode #44

#044 - If you’re a free spirit who thinks that boundaries are restrictive, then today’s episode is for you. Tune in to find out how building better boundaries actually creates more flow in your life and isn't just an...
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Find Your Ground

Episode #43

#043 - If you’re not grounded, it’s easy to attract and absorb other people’s energy and mistake their moods for your own. Your boundaries become blurred and you can often feel overwhelmed as you struggle to define...
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Your Body Knows How to Heal

Episode #42

#042 - When you’re in pain, that physical and emotional disharmony can be a reflection of what’s out of alignment and needs healing. It might feel like you’re broken or fragmented, but those cracks are where the light...
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The One-Minute Breath to Reduce Stress

Episode #41

#041 - Want to stress less? If you answered an aligned YES, then I’m so happy you’re here because in today’s episode, I’m sharing a simple but powerful breath to reduce stress in 60 seconds.  Links Mentioned: Free...
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How to Find Your True Purpose

Episode #40

#040 - “I don’t know what my real calling is”. Have you ever thought that? I have and at times, I felt lost, frustrated, stuck and confused. So, if you know you're on this earth for a reason, want to get crystal...
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Emptying Out

Episode #39

#039 - As spiritual and human beings, we're magnetic and we absorb energy from the world around us all day long. If we don't have a way to release that energy, anxiousness, trauma or stress in the body, it can...
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Fall in Love with Meditation

Episode #38

#038 - There are many ways to meditate - with your breath, with a mantra, with a mala. The list goes on. But even just a few minutes a day has the potential to help you recalibrate your energy, reconnect with your...
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Release to Receive

Episode #37

#037 - Everything you experience sends a wave of energy through your body and often leaves a trace.  When you’re short on time, this 5-minute meditation will guide you to empty out and release any unwanted energetic...
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Make Friends With Your Emotions

Episode #36

#036 - Do you wish you had a roadmap to navigate your emotions? If so, this episode is for you! Tune in to find out: Why our emotional waves - the highs and the lows - are our biggest educators and bring the gifts of...
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