The Prana + Patchouli Podcast

The Prana + Patchouli Podcast

Hosted by: Amy Coop

Join Amy, a restorative yoga teacher and the head and heart behind Prana + Patchouli as she shares self-care tips, spiritual tools, breathwork and guided meditations to reduce stress and raise your vibration. Like...

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Your Inner Sanctuary

Episode #59

#059 - Join me for a guided visualisation meditation where you’ll create a safe, sacred space for yourself in order to manage daily stress and invite more ease. Every breath will inspire self-love, acceptance and...
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One Breath At A Time

Episode #58

#058 - Do you ever feel stuck because you don’t have it all figured out or know exactly where life is leading you? Whenever I feel that way I have a five-word mantra that immediately calms and comforts me: One breath...
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Time to Restore

Episode #57

#057 - Want the antidote to stress? In this episode, we explore the spacious and other-worldly practice of restorative yoga. Daily rest has transformed my energy-levels, mood and creativity, and if you let it, it’ll...
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Awakening Loving Kindness

Episode #56

#056 - Our heart chakra holds the energy of love and kindness - the ability to receive it, feel it, give it and be it. In this episode, we’ll tap into this with a guided loving kindness, or metta meditation.    Links...
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Inviting Peace

Episode #55

#055 - Tune in to find out why peace is not something we find "out there", but uncover within ourselves. In this episode, I’ll guide you through a meditation that uses mantra and gentle breathing to invite peace into...
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With Love From Your Higher Self

Episode #54

#054 - We all have days where we feel like we’re not enough and these feelings stem from a root belief of unworthiness that holds us back in every area of our lives. Navigating our way out of that mindset can be a...
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Being The Witness

Episode #53

#053 - We often get wrapped up in the stories we tell ourselves and detour into fear. In this episode, we'll meditate to create space between ourselves and our thoughts so we can learn to see through the lens of love....
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Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Episode #52

#052 - We can often focus too much on lack in our lives, but through gratitude, we can shift our whole state of being. That’s because you can’t feel stressed when you’re blessed! It’s impossible to hold the vibration...
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Cool Your Inner Fire

Episode #51

#051 - If you’re feeling overheated or overwhelmed, Sitali (the Cooling Breath), can help you regulate your body temperature and calm your nervous system. In this episode, I’ll guide you through a short breathing...
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Shake It Out

Episode #50

#050 - Shaking is a stress management technique that involves shaking the body to release tension and trauma, helping to regulate the nervous system. In this episode, I’ll show you how to “shake” to calm the body back...
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Calming the Nervous System

Episode #49

#049 - As humans, we’re the only mammals that don’t have a self-regulating nervous system and so with all the stress of our busy lives, we have to consciously create space for calm and relaxation. In this episode, we...
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Draw Your Energy from Deep Within

Episode #48

#048 - Tune in for an energising meditation that uses intention-setting, breathwork, mantra and visualisation techniques to connect with the part of yourself, that source, where you can draw your energy from deep...
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