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In episode #059 of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast, I'll guide you through a visualisation meditation where you’ll create a safe, sacred space for yourself in order to manage daily stress and invite more ease. Every breath will inspire self-love, acceptance and peace, as you give yourself permission to rest. By the end of this practice, you’ll feel comforted in the knowing that you can return here again and again. 

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Visualisation Meditation

You can sit or lie down for this practice. Whichever position you choose, support yourself in any way that you need to, so you feel completely comfortable. You could sit on a block, or lie down with a pillow and wrap yourself in a blanket so you’re warm enough - wherever you are. 

Once you’re settled, take a few longer, fuller breaths. 

With every exhale, relax into your body and connect with your breath.

Now bring your awareness to the centre of your heart and imagine a doorway there. This is a portal to your inner sanctuary. 

As you open the door, you see yourself entering a room filled with all of your favourite things. It feels calming, cosy and sacred. Maybe there are some scented candles, fresh flowers or tea. What can you see, smell, hear or taste?

And now, in the most easeful way possible, you lie down. It could be on the floor or a bed. Notice what’s beneath you. A pile of pillows, cosy blankets, or even a bed of marshmallows or clouds. What textures can you touch and feel? 

Invite more ease with every breath in, and as you breathe out, feel any day-today stress melt away. Sink a little deeper and relax here, feeling safe and supported.

While you’re here, can you soften and breathe like you love yourself? 

This is your place to retreat. Somewhere you feel both held and free. Connect with your mind and body. You’re alone in your aura. Feel that peace and quiet.... at last.

Know that you’re worthy of this time to rest and these deeper breaths. 

Inhale: Peace. Exhale: Within.
Inhale: Peace. Exhale: Within.
Inhale: Peace. Exhale: Within.

Now, before you begin to stir, silently affirm to yourself: 

My inner world holds all the peace I seek. 

Let this mantra be a reminder that you can return to this peaceful place at any time. 

Breathe a little bigger now and see yourself rising gently, making your way back to the door at the portal of your heart, and emerging into your day. Take one more inhale, and when you’re ready, exhale, and float your eyes open, letting the light in. 

Thank you so much for taking this time to meditate with me.

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