You Body Knows How to Heal

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When you’re in pain, that physical and emotional disharmony can be a reflection of what’s out of alignment and needs healing. It might feel like you’re broken or fragmented, but those cracks are where the light enters. In today's episode, I'll guide you through a mantra meditation to help you embody the natural healing process, from the inside out. 


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In yoga, we peel back the layers to come home to ourselves, and when you practise with me, I won’t guide you from the belief that you’re broken. I’ll always lead you from the perspective of your highest self - that you’re whole, as you are. 

It makes me think of the Japanese art of Kintsugi where pieces of pottery are put back together with gold. By embracing those flaws and imperfections, we actually create something more unique, beautiful and resilient. And we can use this as a metaphor for healing ourselves. We’re better with our golden cracks and healing helps us reach our highest potential when we’ve been through tough times.

How we get there may be different, whether it’s in the way we speak to ourselves with kindness and tenderness, or taking the time to ground and nourish ourselves. 

Inner healing is an act of self-love which allows you to feel healthy and vibrant in your body, soothed in your nervous system and peaceful in your heart.

Guided Meditation for Healing

When you’re ready, find a comfortable seat. Elevate your hips if you need to with a block, blanket or cushion. Feel your legs releasing down towards the ground and your spine reaching up with a sense of ease. 

Once you’re settled, close your eyes and take a slow, smoothe breath in through your nose, turning your awareness inwards. Let yourself land in your body as you exhale through your mouth. 

Continue to breathe in and out through your nose now and feel the inside space as you sink below the surface, letting everything around you slip away. 

Notice how you feel inside today.

Search out any extra areas that need extra care, attention or healing.

Awareness is a great healer. 

Infuse that space with breath, fresh oxygen and prana. 

Observe what comes up for you and feel every sensation and vibration without attachment. 

And as you breathe out, watch them loosen their grip and fall away. 

It might feel like parts of you are broken, but even when things feel fragmented, know that you’re still whole, just as you are. 

Those cracks let the light in. 

And it’s through the process of healing that you invite in compassion, wisdom, resilience and strength. 

On your next inhale, say silently to yourself, or any part of your body that needs to hear it: I am healing. Exhale: I am whole. 

Continue to breathe and stay with this mantra, sending it into any area that needs extra care. 

You could even place your hand there and hold the space for the healing process to occur, from within. 

Your body knows how to heal.

It’s in this transformation that we’re emerging, in-between, half-risen. Be with yourself there. 

Stay for another few breaths with this mantra and then let your breath return to its natural state. Centre yourself and then when you’re ready, open your eyes. 




Deeper breaths are waiting. Soothe stress and restore your body, mind and soul.

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