You Deserve Your Own Devotion

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Your most important relationship is the one with yourself. Join me for episode 32 of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast and a body scan meditation which is all about connecting with and relaxing your body. Let the side-to-side relaxation method lull you into blissful rest. This is 5 minutes, just you and your mat (or meditation cushion)! You deserve your own devotion.


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Take a moment to find a seat that feels good to you. You can also lie down. 

Relax your hands and close your eyes. 

Let go of whatever came before this and whatever is coming after this. 

Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

Inhale, down into your belly and exhale, let it go. 

One more like that, breathing in and letting it go. 

Come back to your natural breath and hold on to that feeling.

As we move through the body, I want you to bring that feeling of letting go, of releasing and relaxing to all of your parts. 

Get all of your fidgets out and then drop into stillness. 

Then take your mind over to your right hand, forearm, upper arm, shoulder. Let your whole right arm release. 

Relax your left hand, forearm, upper arm, shoulder. Feel your whole left arm release. 

Feel your right foot, lower leg, upper leg. Full right leg, relaxed. 

Feel your left foot, lower leg, upper leg. Whole left leg, relaxed. 

Go up to the top of your head, the back of your head to your neck, your upper back, middle back, lower back. 

Ground your hips and feel rooted through your sitting bones. Soften your belly, heart and throat. 

Relax your eyes, feeling your eyelids getting heavier and your brow smoothing out. Imagine you could even let the cheekbones release. Find some space in your jaw and the energy of a smile at your lips. Now see if you can relax and release all of the muscles in your face.

Feel your whole body release, relax and let go. 

If there’s anywhere you feel still gripping or tension, breathe into it and let it go. 

In these final moments, just notice what this space feels like, this ease and peacefulness in your body. Know that you come back to this place at any time. 

Fold your hands together now in front of your heart. Plug your thumbs into your heartbeat and take one last big breath in and out. Bow your brain to your heart and thank yourself for showing up. Then when you’re ready, float your eyes open to the room.  


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