You Are Right On Time

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As we embark on new adventures, experiences and phases of life this year, let’s remember that everything is unfolding, exactly as it should. I recorded today's episode to remind you that you're right on time. We also practise a Visualisation Meditation to help you embody the energy of your intentions - and surrender them to the Universe.


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I know that when you have a calling, it can often feel like time is running out. And while January is a gorgeous time to get inspired, it can also create anxiety as we try to make things happen… now! Especially when the last year didn't exactly work out as we'd hoped. But when we focus so much on achieving our goals, we block guidance. 

That’s why today’s episode is all about getting into alignment through your breath, surrendering your visions of what you want to call into your life and allowing yourself to receive. 

Let yourself ease into January and daydream, as you open up to the energy of positive expectation and welcome what’s to come throughout 2021. 

I want to start by sharing a mantra that has helped me greatly, whenever I feel fear creeping in or the desire to rush ahead and power through. 

Place your hand on your heart, take a breath and say this with me: I am right on time. 

Notice how that feels in your mind and body. Perhaps your energy relaxed a bit. 

If this mantra resonated with you and you’re looking for more ways to embody this practice and stay inspired on your spiritual path this new year, this is the theme for January in my sacred collective, LIGHTER. If you feel called to learn more about my monthly membership and community, click here

Know that it’s okay to loosen your grip. When you let go of the need to control, spiritual solutions can be presented to you. 

Now, let’s take a moment to slow down and give ourselves space to set our intentions from a calm and connected place.

When you visualise your goals and dreams this year, how do you want to feel?

The visualisation that I’m going to guide you through will ground you in this energy and increase your attracting power. 

Sit comfortably and close your eyes if you can. 

Breathe naturally and feel each inhale and exhale as it comes and goes. 

Soften into your body. 

Take 3 full breaths here and allow yourself to release any stress or tension. 

Honour how you feel today with your breath. 

As your breath gets bigger, feel your energy slowing down. 

At the beginning of a new year, there’s a tendency to want to get started on ALL your dreams. But you don’t have to do it all right away. 

Give yourself permission to breathe. 

Place one hand on belly, other hand on heart.

Connect to your intention. How do you want to feel? 

Inhale and breathe into your belly. Exhale as the breath travels back up to your heart and soften. Repeat. As you inflate your lungs and belly with your breath and intention, visualise your diaphragm moving down to make space to invite your dreams in.

Release any resistance or tension and anything that’s blocking your intention as you let go of your breath. As it travels back up to your heart, your heart softens and your diaphragm relaxes. The more you surrender, the more you step into your attracting power. 

Embody the energy of your intention. 

Be here a while. Breathe and receive. 

In stillness, you can hear the guidance available to you. Trust your intuition and know that whatever comes through is exactly as it needs to be. 

Deepen your breath and when you’re ready, float your eyes open to the room. 

Come back to this visualisation anytime you want to connect with the positive energy of your intentions and relax in the knowing that everything is happening around you and you're truly taken care of. You are right on time. 


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