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🎙 We all have days where we feel like we’re not enough and these feelings stem from a root belief of unworthiness that holds us back in every area of our lives. Navigating our way out of that mindset can be a bumpy road at times! In episode #54 of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast, I share a comforting visualisation that will instantly connect you with the gentle, loving voice of your higher self, and guide you towards healing in these moments of self-doubt.

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I think that at some point, we all get stuck in self-doubt. There are days when we feel like we’re not enough… good enough, pretty enough, young enough, thin enough, smart enough, successful enough, or
anything enough. These feelings stem from a root belief of unworthiness that holds us back in every area of our lives. 

Navigating our way out of this mindset can be a bumpy road at times. 

Perhaps you’re conscious of this belief and feel it deeply. Often, the voice of the ego is the loudest. You get lost in the world of comparison, or the productivity wound flares up, where you try to prove your value by doing more. I know this is true for me and instead of feeling worthy, I wind up feeling depleted!

Or maybe, you’re walking around saying “of course I’m enough, of course I’m worthy”, but there’s an unconscious feeling within you, creating resistance to that. You might not even be energetically aware of it, but when you look at your life, you notice that you’re blocked - in your relationships, your finances, or even just your ability to be in the flow.

That’s why our meditation today is about recognising, honouring and accepting these feelings of unworthiness. We’re going to feel them, with the intention of healing them. 

Whenever my inner critic is busy in my mind and I’m being hard on myself, this is a practice I turn to. The visualisation will instantly connect you with your higher self in moments of self-doubt.

If you feel like this is going to be an emotional process, be gentle, compassionate and loving with yourself. That’s what this is all about. 

Visualisation Meditation

Find a cosy space to sit. Root down and let the weight of your sitting bones hug the earth. Deepen your relationship with gravity as if it were a force of love. Knowing that, how much more are you willing to surrender yourself to its pull?

Now observe your breath with your eyes closed. As you observe this breath, ask your body to slow down the exchange, until your inhales and exhales get as long as they’re willing to go. 

Feel the natural pause at the top of your inhale and the depth of your exhale, allowing it to inspire greater presence and stillness. 

Notice how you feel today.

As you continue to breathe, give yourself full permission to shift into the feeling state that arises when you feel like you’re not enough, knowing that I’m holding space for you here. 

Where do those feelings of unworthiness live in your body? 

Perhaps it’s your belly, your heart or your throat. 

Shine the light of your awareness there.

Gently breathe into those feelings and any discomfort that’s coming up for you. 

Inhale deeply and exhale completely. 

Now inquire within… What’s your inner critic trying to tell you? 

Pass her the microphone and give her a voice. Let her know she’s safe and welcome here. What does she need you to know right now?

Keep listening, as if she’s speaking to you, until she feels seen and heard. 

Now let your higher self come forward. 

As though she’s been watching you in all of your self-doubt, she takes you under her wing, like an innocent child.

How would she see you and what would she say? 

Perhaps she tells you that she loves you, she sees you and hears you, but that you’re choosing not to invest any energy into those stories today. 

Breathe and leave space for grace - between yourself and your thoughts. 

As you listen to your higher self speak to you tenderly and sweetly, the fearful voice of your ego gets smaller and quieter because it was just an illusion. 

Breathe and let your higher self show you what you need to know.

When you choose a more loving perspective, you instantly connect with your higher, spiritual self. 

So, whenever you feel shaken by self-doubt, set an intention for your day by silently repeating this mantra:

Today is devoted to gentleness and love. 

Let it guide you towards a more loving frequency. 

Now, take one more inhale and exhale completely, relaxing into the knowing that you are worthy, you are enough, and when you’re ready, open your eyes and let the light in.

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