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🎙We can often focus too much on lack in our lives, but through gratitude, we can shift our whole state of being. That’s because you can’t feel stressed when you’re blessed! It’s impossible to hold the vibration and frequency of those two feelings at the same time. In this episode of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast, I’ll guide you through a 5-minute meditation that focuses on cultivating good vibes and gratitude.

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An attitude of gratitude can help us navigate through challenging times with grace by directing our thoughts and energy to the abundance that’s already within us and around us. 

Not only does this reduce stress, but it raises your vibration and aligns your point of attraction with what you’re dreaming into being. 

As Abraham-Hicks say: “As you think, you vibrate. And it is your vibrational offering that equals your point of attraction. What you are thinking and what is coming back to you is always a vibrational match”. 

Today, we’re going to ground into that energy with a guided meditation that focuses on cultivating gratitude. 

Gratitude Meditation

When you’re ready, find a comfortable seat or you can lie down. 

Close your eyes and connect with your body, by placing one hand on your belly and the other hand over your heart. 

Feel your hips rooting down and let the earth hold you. 

Breathe in deeply and exhale completely. 

Notice the sensations of the air moving in and out. It could be the air moving in and out of your nose. The temperature of your breath. The rising and falling of your belly. The three-dimensional aspect of your breath in your belly, rib cage and lower back. 

Whatever it is, allow your breath to be the anchor in your body so you become really present in the moment. 

Ground into the energy of gratitude now. When you say “I am grateful”, what arises within you? 

Breathe into that and allow it to expand. 

Settle into your exhale, feeling grateful, simply for your breath and this quiet moment.

Inhale any stress, as though you’re gathering it all up, and exhale, release it. Make space to receive the blessings that exist in your life now - and those that are already on their way. 

Grow that feeling of gratitude by bringing to mind all of the little things in your life that light you up and nourish you daily. We often think that it’s only the milestone moments that are worthy of celebration, but joy is in the details, and they all add up. 

Perhaps it’s a cup of english breakfast tea in your favourite big mug. Phoning your best friend. Sunlight through the window, or even the sound of the rain outside. Tending to the flowers in your garden. A breath of fresh air. Restorative yoga or meditation. Healthy food, or a bite of your favourite chocolate.

For those things, silently whisper thank you.

Feel your energy expanding and your vibration shifting. 

Because even in those difficult moments where nothing seems to be working and all you see is lack, you have the power to amplify the energy of abundance by reminding yourself of every little blessing in your life first. I say this often, but what you focus on expands. 

Allow any stress to melt away and sense a few fuller, easier breaths.

Always trusting that nothing in this Universe happens by accident, and that you’re exactly where you need to be. 

Tune in to what that gratitude feels like within you. 

For your breath. For your heart beating in your chest. For being alive

Let that energy light you up as it fills your whole body, really grounding into that energy. 

Bring your hands into a prayer, sealing your practice with Anjali mudra. Bow your brain down towards your heart, in gratitude. And silently repeat the mantra: I’m too blessed to be stressed. 

Inhale deeply and exhale completely, then float your eyes open to the room.


From my heart to yours, Namaste.



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