Surrender Your Intentions with Yin Yoga

If you’re anything like me (and the rest of humanity), you like certainty - so much that you try to control the outcome of situations. And when things don’t work out exactly as you wanted them to, you feel blocked, stuck and frustrated. But we need to strengthen our faith not only in ourselves, but also in the universe. That we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be and we’re right on time. The Sanskrit term ‘Ishvarapranidhana’ means ‘surrendering to a higher source’. Today's yin yoga practice will help you set your intentions and offer them up - so you can relax, get aligned in your body and fully trust that there’s a greater connection at work.  

After your practice, leave me a comment below and let me know, what would you like to surrender? This is your chance to declare it so you can step back and let the Universe lead the way. 

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