Ease the Stress and Anxiety-Inducing Effects of PMS and Your Period with this Restorative Yoga Practice

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All human beings need downtime. Luckily, as women, we get an in-built, biological reminder to claim it every month. This rest powerfully recharges us for the rest of our cycle.

But it isn’t always easy to slow down - especially in a world that values productivity and being busy.

I know I’m always more creative at this time so I struggle to find balance between following the inspiration that’s flowing (so I don’t lose it) and taking time out to rest.

If I don’t, for the next 3 weeks, I feel frazzled.

Perhaps you feel the same?

That’s because your body’s ability to deal with stress depends on this downtime. Anxiety is also heightened before or during your period due to hormonal fluctuations.

So, when you really respect it, this ‘time of the month’ is one of the most effective ways to soothe and heal your nervous system.

Mark it on your calendar and carve out time to do nothing, or - at the very least, slow down and go inwards. Clearing that space and getting intentional about how you’re taking care of myself will help you feel so much better.


To ease the stress and anxiety-inducing effects of PMS, eat anti-inflammatory foods like fruits and vegetables and go easy on the animal products. Avoid alcohol and minimise your trips to the kettle or favourite coffee shop for caffeine.

During your period week, it’s nice to relax with restorative yoga, take time out with meditation - and of course, go to bed early to repair yourself with sleep. Somehow it all feels more sacred.


Which leads me to the largely-debated question of whether you should you flow when you’re flowing… For me, this is a personal choice and there’s no right/wrong answer.

I make space for movement that isn’t too strenuous. At the beginning of the week, restorative yoga and meditation helps my body find balance and let’s be honest - I don’t feel like doing a whole lot else. Later in the week, I go for light walks, practise yin yoga or a gentle flow.

I don’t invert at all. While it might sound like an old wives’ tale that going upside down reverses your flow, I’ve experienced this first-hand and no woman wants to be late (unless you do). It feels more natural to me, but you should do whatever feels right to you.

As I always encourage, get quiet, tune in and listen to your body (your greatest teacher). If something doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. You can always find a softer way. That’s why I call it ‘Ladies’ Holiday’.  


Buy yourself some fresh flowers, have a warm bath and moisturise with your favourite essential oils (Clary Sage and Lavender are yummy on your tummy), or eat some chocolate.

With every intentional act of love, your body will breathe a sigh of relief and say thank you.



Today’s video is a 15-minute restorative yoga sequence to help you ease the effects of PMS, soothe uncomfortable sensations and nurture your energy when it’s at its lowest.

I know that even getting up from the sofa can feel like a big ask, so you won’t be doing anything more than some easy, supine postures, a lot of bolster snuggling and of course, all those bites of chocolate while watching Sex and the City re-runs afterwards.

This is a healing time, so breathe, give in and receive.


Afterwards, join me in the comments below and tell me the biggest insight you’re taking away and how you’re going to implement this to support and nourish your cycle this month.

You’re a precious soul, so be sure to treat yourself with all the love and tenderness you deserve.


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