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Remembering your Oneness (our shared spiritual essence) will dissolve all separation and boundaries with love, inspire peace and strengthen all of your relationships. 

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“Oneness” is the idea that we’re all one with life because the intelligence of the Universe flows through us. It’s the same mysterious force that controls the tides, tells flowers when to bloom and changes the seasons. As humans, we are part of nature and for me, that’s the simplest way to explain the concept of “oneness”. 

The more we bring ourselves back into alignment with this energy and see ourselves as part of the greater whole, we fall back into flow with the rhythm of life and restore peace, which is our true nature. 

But it’s the way of the world, or the belief of the ego which is our fear-based mind, that we’re separate. A Course in Miracles says this is “like sunbeams thinking they are separate from the sun, or waves thinking they are separate from the ocean”. We are all sunbeams from the same sun and drops of water from the same ocean. 

This illusion that we’re separate causes us to disconnect from, judge and compare ourselves to others. We use judgement to avoid feeling our anxiety, insecurity or lack of self-worth. We project it onto others to try to fill ourselves up, so we don’t have to feel our own pain. 

That’s why separation is an invitation to go inwards and surrender to your spiritual practice to strengthen your relationships.

I recently had an opportunity to experience this. I was out on one of my daily walks which have saved me whilst we’ve been in lockdown during this pandemic! Nature has always been one of my greatest tools for reducing stress and realigning my energy. But as I walked through the park, I noticed that I was feeling sad and disconnected. I was judging others walking by, for being in groups, standing too closely together, assuming (rightly or wrongly) that they were breaking the social distancing rules we have here at the moment. I’ve done the same thing watching the little news I’ve allowed myself to see on TV. The more time I spent in the park, the angrier I got and the heavier my heart became with guilt. I was outwardly attacking others in my mind because I felt uncomfortable and unsafe, but this was really an attack on myself. The judgement drained me of happiness and created a strong sense of separation that I couldn’t seem to shake. 

As I checked myself for feeling so out of alignment with my natural peaceful state, I surrendered the situation and asked my inner guide for help. An intuitive voice came through and I was guided to forgive the thoughts and choose kindness instead. 

In that moment, I was reminded of the truth: that we’re all in this together. 

We’re all just trying to do our best. 

And, perhaps most importantly, we all share one desire, which is to be happy and free. 

As a result of that shift in perception, I recognised those I was judging as me

We’re all here to heal and grow and it’s through the extremes of life that we do exactly that.  

When we remember our oneness, we recognise that we’re all spiritual beings in human bodies. We’re not our bodies, our minds or our emotions. We came here in this body, at this time for a reason. And, the sooner we see ourselves as part of the greater whole, we find our way home to the truth of who we really are. Our bodies, which so often make us feel separate as we compare ourselves to others, are simply vehicles for expressing the love and light within us. It’s this connection between our own consciousness and Universal consciousness that is the essence of yoga. 

As Dr Wayne Dyer said, “See the light in others and treat them as if that’s all you see”. 

In the story I just told you, I was triggered by my longing for safety. But as I turned this over to the care of my inner guide, I started to see others in light by recognising that they are me, their pain is mine and we all want the same thing: to be happy, free and restore peace. We’re all just weathering the same storm, even if we’re not in exactly the same boat. 

The Bhagavad Gita states, “If you can see God (the Oneness) in everyone, you can never do harm to anyone.”

This shift in perception helped me to release separation and realign with oneness. In that moment, I was able to clear the tension, negativity and stress that was blocking the positive flow in my relationships, even with people I didn’t know personally and find my way back to peace. What I experienced was deep emotional and spiritual healing that restored my connection with the Universe. 

So how can we ground this spiritual (and somewhat lofty) concept of oneness into our daily practice? 

Well, we can remember our oneness through community as we show up and support others, open up to new ideas and dissolve barriers and limiting beliefs through love. 

Obviously, this year hasn’t worked out the way I imagined it and community has turned out to be more important than ever. I’ve been finding so much meaning and connection in the live yoga and meditation classes in my monthly membership, LIGHTER. If this is something you’re craving and you feel called to join us, click here.

We can also shine a light on our divine nature through meditation, mantras and mudras. 

For example, in the quiet and stillness of meditation, we experience the connection between our personal self and our infinite self. 

In yoga, we’re also reminded of our oneness everytime we say Namaste, which translates as, the divine light in me bows to the divine light in you. 

Another way we can realign with oneness is by practising Gyan Mudra. A mudra is a hand position, or gesture, that creates a sacred “seal” and harnesses the energy we want to cultivate in our bodies. This mudra is probably the most familiar in our modern world. 

It’s performed by touching the tip of your index finger to your thumb, while holding your other three fingers straight. 

The intention of Gyan Mudra is to improve your concentration and sharpen your memory. It’s a great mudra to use when you’re seeking to gain knowledge or insight into your life or a specific issue, as the index finger relates to Jupiter, the planet of knowledge and expansion. 

It also symbolises the connection of the individual (index finger) with the universal (thumb) which is why it’s a powerful mudra to practise deepening your connection with others, the Universe and feeling that Source energy moving through you. It guides your attention inwards, to connect with your soul - the ancient wisdom within you and reminds you that all the answers you seek are inside. 

Gyan Mudra is connected to the Root Chakra, the energy of which is all about home, belonging, safety, grounding and interconnectedness. 

Let’s try this short meditation together.

Sit comfortably and close your eyes if you can. Touch the tip of your index finger to your thumb, while holding your other three fingers straight and resting the tops of your hands on your knees. Inhale fully and exhale completely. Continue to breathe in this way, grounding your energy and bringing balance to your body, mind and emotions. Now, silently say the mantra: “The light in you is all I see”. Repeat these words as you breathe in and out. Feel your consciousness shift and let that light dissolve any separation, stories, or fearful projections you’ve placed upon yourself and others. Release your mantra now, taking one last big breath in and let it go. When you’re ready, open your eyes to the room.

My intention for this episode is that you remember your Oneness, live your life from a place of love and kindness and recognise that you are the Universe. 



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