Peace Is Your Superpower

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This simple meditation will guide you to access peace through your pulse and remind you of your true nature - whenever you’re shaken by stress or your energy is scattered. The peace you seek is inside and that is your superpower.


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This practice is called “Peace Is In My Pulse” which reconnects you with your truth and recalibrates your nervous system back to peace. 

If it’s safe for you to practise with me now, sit, however you can be nice and easy in your body. Soften. Be moveable. Gently sway from side to side before relaxing into stillness at your centre. Close your eyes and rest your attention on your third-eye point, in between your eyebrows. 

The mantra is Sat Nam (which means “truth identified”). 

For the mudra, place the first four fingers of your right hand in a straight line on your left wrist. Lightly press down so you can feel your pulse in your fingerprints. 

If you’d like to see this visually, check out the video in the resources below. 

On each beat of your pulse, silently say to yourself, Sat - Nam. 

Let each breath be long and smooth. 

Continue this meditation for 3 minutes, or until you feel a sense of peace set in. 

Know that you can return to this meditation anytime you need to remember your true peaceful nature. In times of stress, we often look outside of ourselves to feel better, but the peace you seek is always inside. You just have to tune in and that’s when peace becomes your superpower. 

I hope this helps you find more peace and presence as we enter this brand new year.






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