Open Your Heart to Peace Through Forgiveness

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Let’s talk about The “F” Word… Forgiveness. If you're in need of some emotional decluttering, join me for episode #033 of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast 🎙  where I'll guide you through a Cord-Cutting Meditation to help you release, forgive and cut the cords with anyone you feel energetically entangled with. The promise of forgiveness is peace and freedom in your body, mind and heart. 

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This can be one of the most challenging forms of release but I like to think of it as emotional decluttering. When you practise regularly, forgiveness has the potential to open your heart to peace and gratitude for the path you’re on, knowing that every twist and turn and every encounter (even if it was painful) has made you who you are today. 

My forgiveness practice has given me so much freedom in my life. 

As I’ve let go of old stories - from past boyfriends who made me feel like I wasn’t enough, to the mean girls in high school who inspired my perfectionistic tendencies to avoid criticism, to how I’ve treated myself unkindly at times - I’ve made space to receive peace, happiness, abundance and so much more. 

Sometimes we struggle with this, especially when we’ve been badly hurt or even seriously harmed in some way. But it’s not about letting someone else off the hook, or affirming that something they did was “okay”, it’s about setting yourself free. 

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. 

Often, we have energetic attachments to others and when they’re negative, they weigh heavily on our hearts. They can’t be seen, but can be felt. 

These connections hook into our energy field and can lower our vibration. A great way to release them is with a Cord-Cutting Meditation

This will help you forgive and cut the cord with anyone you feel energetically entangled with and open your heart to peace. 

Let’s practise together now. 

Close your eyes and get comfortable. Take a deep breath in and exactly completely. Notice anywhere in your body that you’re feeling anxiety or discomfort and gently breathe into it. Now imagine someone who lowers your energy. What feelings are coming up for you? Breathe into wherever they live in your body, experiencing them fully and then exhale, releasing them. 

See this person in your mind’s eye and as you look at them, visualise a cord attached to whatever part of your body is experiencing low energy, emotional pain or discomfort. It may even be hooked into a particular chakra. Notice what the cord seems to be made of. It could be a rope, a ribbon or even a strong cable. See the other end plugging in to the other person’s body. Be honest about what the cord is doing and how it’s making you feel.

Now imagine yourself with a pair of scissors, a sword or some other tool in your hand. Take a deep breath in as you cut the cord. Exhale as it falls to the floor and watch it melt away. As the cord dissolves, so does the energetic attachment. Take a deep breath in and breathe a sigh of relief that you have been released. Silently forgive the other person to set yourself free. Take another deep breath in and exhale completely. Then, when you’re ready, open your eyes to the room.

How do you feel? 

Another way to release the connection is to practise the Forgiveness Mantra. There are different variations of this and I adapt it, depending on who I want to release. 

It’s super simple and you can do it anywhere, anytime. 

As you visualise the person in your mind, say silently, or out loud:

I forgive you. I love you. I release you. 

If “love” doesn’t feel right here, you can say “I accept you”. 

But either way, it’s about shifting from fear back to love. 

When we can forgive, let go and make space for new frequencies in our lives, we set ourselves free, open our hearts to peace and raise our vibration. 




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