Make Space for Grace

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Do you ever feel stressed because you’re trying to control all the details of your life? I know I do and have to be reminded to soften my heart and loosen my grip. That's when I silently whisper, “make space for grace”. I use this mantra so often, I dedicated a whole episode to it today on The Prana + Patchouli Podcast. 🎙

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Whenever we try to control our lives and our happiness and peace depend on a specific outcome, we cut off our connection to the Universe.

This often causes anxiety as we try to rely on our own strength to make things happen. It also limits the infinite possibilities that could occur if we got out of our own way and surrendered to the flow. 

In today's episode, I'll guide you through a visualisation meditation that will help you calm stress in your body to make space for higher guidance. 

This is a powerful practice in strengthening your faith, relaxing and letting go. 

Because that’s when the Universe can truly get to work on delivering your dreams.

Try this Visualisation Meditation to calm stress and clear space for higher guidance:

When you’re ready and if it’s safe to do so, get comfy in easy pose (Sukhasana) and close your eyes. 

Feel your energy and attention shift a little bit deeper inwards as you tune out the rest of the world. Notice how your forehead starts to soften and all of the micro-muscles around your eyes relax as you go within. Loosen your jaw and let your shoulders drop down. 

Take three cleansing breaths here. 

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. 

Inhale fully, exhale completely. 

Last time, inhale and let it be the deepest one yet and exhale as you arrive here in your body, as it is, in this moment. 

Sit tall, with your spine soft and your heart open. Keeping the back of your neck long, lift your chin so your breath can flow freely. Your hips are grounded on the earth. 

Now bring to mind the most beautiful tree you’ve ever seen, rooted down into the ground and reaching up towards the clouds. 

Imagine yourself embodying the strength of that tree. 

Each time you inhale, imagine drawing the energy from the earth into your roots, allowing it to travel up through your spine, the trunk of the tree and moving into your branches that extend out into the room. As you exhale, a gentle wind blows through, encouraging your leaves to fall, as you let go.

Inhale and exhale. 

Breathe in and draw the energy, the prana, from your roots, up through the central channel of your spine. As you exhale, allow the breath to move you, gently swaying in the breeze, releasing and letting go. 

Embody the energy of that tree… Connected, rooted and strong. 

But also vulnerable as it lets go of its leaves. It has no need to hold on to them. It trusts the transition and embraces the change of the seasons. The ebb and flow of nature. 

As we move into silence for a few moments, hold this image - in your mind, in your heart, in your body. 

Breathing in and letting it go.

Bringing in calm. 

Begin your deepest inhale now and imagine that tree, taking its nutrients from the earth, through the spine and into its branches. As you exhale, begin to open your eyes, allowing that clearing to make space for new beginnings, grace and higher guidance.



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