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🎙 Tune in to find out why peace is not something we find "out there", but uncover within ourselves. In episode 55 of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast, I’ll guide you through a meditation that uses mantra and gentle breathing to invite peace into every moment.


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We talk a lot about finding peace, like it’s a destination we arrive at, when all the stars align, or something that exists outside of us. But what if it’s something we uncover within ourselves as we clear the blocks and consciously choose to invite peace into every moment? 

Yoga teaches us that peace comes from being completely present and feeling what is happening in the now

Even something as simple as shutting your eyes creates a sense of peace because the nervous system shifts from its active, sympathetic state to its quiet, parasympathetic state. Turning inwards cultivates pratyahara which stills the mind, and the subtle power of the breath, or pranayama, calms the nervous system profoundly.

Think of how you feel after a few minutes of breathwork or meditation. The best way I can describe it - from my own practice - is a deep sigh. In that still space, it’s like you can hear the voice of your inner wisdom reminding you that your inner world holds all the peace you seek. 

When we take the time to be peaceful, we acclimatise to that energy and the feeling becomes easier and more familiar to find within ourselves, even in the face of challenge.

So in today’s episode, I’m sharing a simple meditation that uses mantra and gentle breathing to invite peace into every moment.


Mantra Meditation for Peace

Find a comfortable seat, or lie down. 

Close your eyes, close your ears and even allow your amygdala, nestled in the middle of your brain, to relax down. 

Begin to breathe in and out, evening your inhales and exhales. Falling into a rhythmic flow of breath. The inhales lift you and the exhales soften you. Getting out of your head and into your body through your breath. 

As you sit here and breathe, start to sense the feeling of peace within you. 

You’re completely at peace. What does that feel like?

Allow yourself to feel - using all of your senses - the sensations and vibrations that come up when you think of peace. 

Ground into that energy. 

Let it expand on your breath. 

Invite that peace in. 

Now we’ll repeat a mantra to really plant those feelings of peace inside and centre ourselves. 

In your mind, quietly say: 

Sky above me. Earth below me. Peace within me. 

Continue to expand the quality of peace within you as you breathe. 

Sky above me. Earth below me. Peace within me. 

Breathe and embody that peace. 

Sky above me. Earth below me. Peace within me. 

Now on your next exhale, let that mantra go. 

Inhale and invite peace into every cell of your being. 

Then when you’re ready, open your eyes to the room. 

Like the breath, peace ebbs and flows, and while we may be lifted from our centre, what matters is how quickly we come home.

It’s in these quiet, simple moments with just our breath and a mantra, that we can consciously connect with the peace that already exists within us. 

No matter what is happening around you, when you tap into your inner spirit, you’re at peace. 

So, as you move back into your Monday, keep asking yourself:

How can I invite peace into this moment? 



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