How to Find Your True Purpose

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“I don’t know what my real calling is”. If you’ve ever said that or feel lost, frustrated, stuck and confused, but know you're on this earth for a reason, today’s brand new episode of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast will help you get crystal clarity on your calling and find your true purpose.


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It’s common to think that our calling is all about work because we compartmentalise our lives into neat little boxes, but the truth is, we express our purpose through our
energy. It’s in all that we do and how we show up and share our gifts with the world.

From buying fresh kale at the farmer’s market, to waiting in line for your oat milk latte, sitting in the back of an Uber or taking your kids to football practice. 

It’s your energy that creates a ripple effect and wherever you go - there you are. 

It’s not something you can separate yourself from. 

I remember when my mum retired, she said “I feel lost - like I don’t have a purpose anymore”. But she’s incredible at nurturing others, taking care of all the details, organising, planning, cleaning and making things beautiful and easy for everybody. She has such a huge heart and her purpose has always been bigger than her job. 

Perhaps you’re a soul that came here to nurture and raise other souls? 

You can bring that mothering energy into everything you do. 

Like the way you take care of yourself, your clients… whatever it is. 

Sometimes all it takes for you to start living your purpose is a simple mindset shift. 


Pursuing Your Purpose at Work

But let’s talk about pursuing our purpose in the realm of work because it is such a big part of our lives. 

I always dreamt of becoming a criminal lawyer so I made it happen. But the day I put on my wig and gown, I realised that I’d spent the last few years of my life feeling sick, stressed, unhappy and unfulfilled. I’d lost my spark and was burnt out. 

I remember one of my tutors saying to me during law school: “if you weren’t a lawyer, what would you do?” I paused for a moment, a little unsure and replied, “a yoga teacher, I love my practice and it’s the only other thing I know how to do”. He looked at me over the top of his glasses, fuzzy grey eyebrows raised, as if I’d said I wanted to move to the moon or something. 

To heal my stress, I slowed down the pace of my practice and turned to restorative yoga and meditation. That guided me home to my true purpose: to be a source of peace and inspiration in the world.

One way I do that is as a yoga teacher, but there’s still lots of space for the Universe to fill in the details and that’s exciting!

So many of us want to find our purpose because we love knowing what’s next. Humans love clarity and certainty as it makes us feel safe. But if we knew every single detail of our lives and everything that was going to happen next, what would be the point in being here? Our souls love to be surprised and delighted and this is how we make space for magic!


Living Your Purpose

If you’re someone who knows exactly what your purpose is, but actually living it seems to be filled with stress and struggle, check in with yourself. 

Are you doing what comes easily to you? Are you following the path of least-resistance? Are you sharing your gifts or are you trying to be a second-rate version of someone else? Are you self-sabotaging because the world tells you that you have to work hard to achieve your dreams? 

That last one is something I struggled with for a long time (and honestly, sometimes still do). 

Living your purpose is supposed to be ease-filled and fulfilling because it’s what your soul came here to do. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any challenges, but you’ll be able to navigate them gracefully. Let your emotions show you where you may need to pivot or realign with your gifts, your dreams and your calling.  

But on the other side, if you’re stuck in a job you hate (and I’ve been there too), don’t wish you were somewhere else and miss the lesson that’s right in front of you. 

Instead of letting your job drain you, bring your energy and gifts into that work. Become more of you and you’ll receive the support you need to move forwards. 

Stay open to how that might happen, even if you can’t envision it yet. 


The Light You Seek Is Already Inside

We think we have to go out there and find our purpose, but it’s our purpose that finds us. Instead of looking outside of ourselves for what isn’t there, we need to return home and remember that the light we seek is already inside. 

If you’re looking for signs from the Universe, you may be missing what’s already there. 

Perhaps you’re not making space to listen to the whispers of your soul? Restful practices like restorative yoga and meditation are a great way to do this. Perhaps you’re hearing them but ignoring the guidance because it’s too scary? (That’s how it was for me). Or maybe the story you tell yourself is that you’re too old, too young, too quiet, not enough etc. You ask: Who am I to do this?

But who are you not to do this? This is the time to listen to those whispers because the world needs you and your gifts.

You Are Right On Time

Whenever I wish I was further along than I am, I remind myself that I couldn’t answer my soul’s calling without going on my own healing journey first because that’s where I mastered the tools I’m here to share.

Without my own dark night of the soul, I’d never be able to teach restorative yoga and meditation like I do today from a place of truth. While I don’t have all the answers, my life is my curriculum. My story is what heals and I hope you feel that in my classes. 

Our egos create stories about where we should be and the world magnifies this and reflects this back to us. But the world we see is just a hologram of what we believe to be true and we can always change our minds. 

Transitioning from law to yoga wasn't easy. But my “why” was stronger than my fear and my heart kept pulling me towards what lit me up. 


Follow What Lights You Up

And that really is the secret. To find your purpose, follow what lights you up. 

Whether it’s yoga, making cakes, painting, gardening or solving complex legal problems, you’re the most qualified person on this earth to achieve exactly what you dream of.

Trust that you wouldn’t have the dream if you didn’t already have what it takes to make it happen. 

A Course in Miracles says: “The light has come”. It’s already inside you.

What you need has already been given to you because, before you came here, your soul chose this life. 

Pay attention to the things that light you up because the Universe is always guiding you towards the next step. 

Ask yourself (and you might even like to write the answers in your journal):

  • What lights you up?
  • What comes easily to you?
  • What would your dream day look like? 

In the places where you don’t have crystal clarity, stay open for the Universe to fill in the details. 

But when you’re following what lights you up, you shine brightly in all that you do. You become magnetic and that’s how your purpose finds you.

So to close out this episode, I’ll leave you with a mantra. Use this to stay in your magic lane as you go for your dreams: 

When I follow what lights me up, I light up the world. 



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