How to Create Your Sacred Home Yoga Space

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Do you have a home yoga practice that you absolutely love? 

So many more of us are unrolling our mats at home but it isn’t always easy to stay on your path, especially with so many distractions and your home might feel anything BUT a sanctuary right now.

Like most things, our homes hold energy and when we’re trying to balance work, school, our spiritual practice, self-care and a messy tangle of other to-dos under one roof, chances are, yours is stressed!

Today’s episode of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast will help you bring the sacredness back, start or stick with a practice that you fall in love with and transform chaos to calm.

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Create your sacred space

It isn’t always easy to stay on your path. But when you create a sacred, calming space that you want to come back to again and again, you'll begin to relish your at-home yoga and meditation practice.

This could be a whole room, the corner of your bedroom or the place where your coffee table once stood. It doesn’t have to be huge, especially if you’re practising something still like restorative yoga or meditation. But if you’re going to flow, make sure you can unroll your yoga mat and move freely. What matters is that this space is yours.

Choose somewhere you can close the door on the world and that’s cosy and warm, or cool depending on the season or hemisphere you’re in.

I remember when I was living at home and I usually practised early in the morning before the rest of the house woke up. It was a four-bedroomed house but there wasn’t really anywhere to practise without struggling to move big pieces of furniture, so I found myself in the conservatory. At 6am, in the middle of a British winter, it was absolutely freezing! There was this little electric fire that took forever to heat up the room so I started my practice bundled up in loads of jumpers and had to rely on creating my own heat. I think I was encouraged because I was still in the honeymoon phase of my yoga practice and would have rolled out my mat just about anywhere, but now, it makes me shiver thinking about it. If I’m honest, I’d make every excuse not to do it at all! 

Now I have my own house, I’ve created a beautiful place to practise and it brings me so much joy.

Let yourself be held and supported

Grab any props you love such as bolsters, blankets and blocks to support yourself. They can be so nourishing in your home yoga practice. Even if you don’t need them, it’s still nice to feel held. 

If you don’t have props, you can get creative with things around the house! Use stacks of books for blocks, towels for straps or couch cushions, pillows or even a spare yoga mat wrapped in a blanket for your bolster. I did this for 10 years before I finally decided it was time to invest in props! 

One thing to remember is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to get started…

Find calm in the chaos

So many of my students have told me that they try to find the ‘perfect’ place to practise, but there are so many distractions at home. I get it… especially now!

But the truth is, yoga is about finding calm within the chaos and with consistent practice, it becomes easier to tune out the rest of the world and into your inner landscape.

It’s a test in setting healthy boundaries and I’ve found that when you ask people to honour your practice, they usually do. So, if you have partners, kids or a dog at home, shut the door and let them know that this is your time. You know that you’ll be able to be more present with them, once you’ve filled your own cup first. 

You can also create a soothing playlist or immerse yourself in a sound bath to help you relax, regardless of what’s going on “out there”. 

Encourage relaxation and magic

At night, close your curtains and turn down the lights. Darkness naturally encourages relaxation. But whatever time of day it is, your favourite natural scented candle or a salt lamp can create a cosy, warm vibe.

If you love essential oils, diffuse them or anoint your pulse points. You can also burn some sage or Palo Santo to cleanse the room (especially if it's used for more than just your practice).

And finally, choose some sacred items or objects to bring into your space to create magic, focus and intention. You might set up an ‘altar’ in devotion to your practice. I love surrounding myself with crystals, mala beads, oracle cards, my journal and air-purifying plants or fresh flowers.

Ask yourself, what feels special and sacred for you?

Then, once you’ve set up your sacred space, it’s time to get on your mat. 

Listen to your body

You may already know which style of yoga lights your soul. It may change over time but the beauty of the practice is that it meets you, wherever you are on your path. At one time, I loved a sweaty vinyasa practice. Now, nothing makes me happier than snuggling up with a bolster, some slower flows and breathing meditations. That’s what I teach as well. You are your own guru. Listen to your body and follow what feels good to you. 

If you’re seeking support, inspiration or guidance in your practice, there’s a wealth of online videos or books, especially in today’s world. 

My monthly membership, LIGHTER, is devoted to rest and restorative yoga, so if that’s what you’re craving right now, I’d love you to join us

Embrace your unique style, explore and find a teacher that resonates with you and encourages you onto your mat. Because when you’re practising on your own schedule, it’s not always easy to commit to creating that sacred time and space for yourself. That’s exactly why I built my membership so if you want extra support in staying on your path, I’m here to guide you, every breath of the way. Click here to learn more.

Your practice is yours

Fill in the blank: I practise yoga to __________. 

Whatever it is, it’s enough and it’s yours

Use that as your intention to inspire you to get onto your mat, find the calm in the chaos and let yourself be supported by your daily practice. It has the power to change your life.



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