Find Your Ground

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Find Your Ground

If you’re not grounded, it’s easy to attract and absorb other people’s energy and mistake their moods for your own. Your boundaries become blurred and you can often feel overwhelmed as you struggle to define what’s theirs and what’s yours. 

You need to take extra care and time alone to fill yourself up and get grounded. 

That’s why this episode of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast is an invitation to take a sacred pause, check in with yourself and get found. 

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So, let me ask you this. What does it feel like when you’re most grounded?

For me, it feels steady, safe, connected in mind and body, like home. 

The opposite feels flighty, lost, overwhelmed or uncertain. 

When we’re in that ungrounded space, how can we restore ourselves?  

One tool I live by is spending time in nature. It gives me breathing space from the stress of the world and helps me find my ground. 

I think that’s because the frequency of the planet is actually in alignment with our own pulse. But our souls speed up, rush through life and forget that nature moves much slower. 

That’s why I want to share a practice with you today called Earth Pulsing.

I know that some of you listen to the podcast while walking or gardening, so if you’re outside in nature and you feel safe and comfortable doing so, find a place to lie down now with the back of your heart connected to the Earth. Or you can sit, with one hand on your heart and the other hand on the ground. Your hands are extensions of your heart chakra, so you’re still opening your heart to the Earth. But whether you’re on sand, grass, carpet or ground at home, feel that connection. 

Begin to inhale and imagine the front and back of your heart beginning to open as you call in a deeper, fuller breath. Exhale and feel the pulse of your own heart as you connect with the heartbeat of the planet. Continue to breathe in and out deeply as your energy slows down. Invite the pulse of the planet to return you to your own natural flow and frequency. Breathe and feel her holding and support. Breathe and receive. Soften and surrender to the cosmic intelligence that moves through nature and us all. Breathe and allow the Earth to soothe your nervous system and beat you back home. 

Feel free to stay here as long as you like. 

Or if you’re ready to wake up, then silently whisper:

I am deeply rooted and grounded here. 

Then open your eyes and take in the sky above you. 

You can return to this simple practice anytime you need to get found. Or, if you want to go deeper, grounding is the sacred focus inside my LIGHTER Membership this month and I have so many more practices to support you there. I’d be so honoured to have you join the community if you feel called. 

But for now, take this energy with you into the rest of your week, knowing that the more grounded you are, the more fully you can step into your soul’s purpose on this planet.



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