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Tune in for an energising meditation that uses intention-setting, breathwork, mantra and visualisation techniques to connect with the part of yourself, that source, where you can draw your energy from deep within. 

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I’m finding the word “overwhelm” coming up a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. In my own life and language. In my students’ lives. In the world as it is right now. This feeling of giving too much, depletion, exhaustion. I feel it, too. In the top-of-the-chest way that I’m breathing. 

When my system is overloaded, it’s usually me focusing too much on what’s “out there”, rather than “in here”. And this is the exact time I know I need to unplug from the outer world and tune in to my inner energy.

This reminds me of the concept of “drishti”, which means “gaze point” in yoga. 

Whenever I’m feeling exhausted, I can take a moment to check in and ask: 

Where am I directing my gaze? 

Because where focus goes, energy flows. 


Energising Meditation

In today’s episode, I’m going to guide you through an energising meditation that uses intention-setting, breathwork, mantra and visualisation techniques to connect with the part of yourself, that source, where you can draw your energy from deep within. 

Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes. Rest your hands on your knees, palms towards the sky, ready to receive all the energy that you need. Cast your gaze over your inner landscape and notice how you feel today.

Start by taking a big breath in - and out. Again, breathe in - and out. Slow your next breath in even more, and see if you can feel the air filling your belly, back and heart - and then release it out. 

Check in with the quality of your seat here. Are you sinking into yourself? Can you grow your spine a little taller? Sit on a blanket or a cushion if you need it to help you rise. Open your chest and breathe throughout your entire being. Set an intention to fully inhabit yourself and observe how that simple shift boosts your energy. 

With each breath, your body lifts and softens. Relax into that flow. 

This practice is about tapping into your true power, your source, your light and your intention that gives you this intrinsic energy. 

Take another deep breath in and follow the air through your nose, all the way down to the base of your spine. This is where you’re going to source that energy - from deep within. Bring to mind a visualisation of whatever represents this source of energy for you. It could be fire, a colour, a ball of light, a bubble, an orb of water floating there or an animation. However you sense that energy within yourself.

Hold on to that visualisation and start to imagine that with every inhale, you’re expanding that inner energy and with every exhale, it’s radiating through your entire body. That spark of potential and that source of energy is something you’re starting to organically grow.

As you continue to breathe here, silently say the mantra: I am love, I am light. 

Breathe in, your energy expands. Breathe out, your energy radiates. 

If you’re here because you’re exhausted, this is a practice to be with yourself. 

Putting a little more in, to get a lot more out. 

When you’re ready, shift your focus back to your breathing and witness the effects of your practice… Perhaps you feel a vibrancy that you didn't have before. Let that sink in. Feel yourself sitting in this tall, intentional seat. Fully inhabiting your body and your breath. Energised from within and present in this moment. And take one last inhale - and exhale - then open your eyes and re-enter the world. 


As we close this episode, silently remind yourself of our mantra for today:
I am love, I am light. 

Love has its own frequency, vibration, and energetic presence. The more we fill ourselves up with that, the lighter we feel. And the easier it is for us to flow through life with an abundance of energy.  

So, tap into that natural source within you and bring that forth into your world. 


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