A Body Scan Meditation to Help You Relax in 8 Minutes

body scan meditation relaxation yoga nidra

This is an 8 minute body-scan for relaxation, which can be done seated on the floor, in a chair or lying down. You’ll focus on each part of your body, from the tips of your toes, to the crown of your head, to release any tension and create space as you unwind your body and mind.

Lie down in Savasana and make yourself super cosy. If you have props at home, you can slide a bolster or a rolled up blanket behind your knees, a pillow behind your head and even a folded blanket over your belly and hips to encourage them to ground.

Let this be a sacred pause of less than 10 minutes from your busy day. I promise you’ll feel better! 

Here’s a loving tip if you feel like you can’t find 8 minutes in your day… Open your Google Cal or pen-to-paper planner and schedule it in! I always set up my self-care ‘appointments’ first. This allows me to be honest with myself as when I say “I’ll do it later”, I know it won’t get done. But when I schedule the rest of my day around my relaxation, I also know I’ll show up at my best.

Now, join me in the comments below and let me know: where can you schedule in your self-care and meditate with me for 8 minutes today?

If you’re struggling, let me help you with more suggestions in the comments!

And if you want more encouragement, support and inspiration to meditate every day, you’ll love my relaxation kit. You’ll get 3 guided relaxation practices, a digital guidebook and I’ve also included a bonus 30-day practice calendar to help you stay consistent and foster a daily ritual.

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Set restful intentions and relax deeply with this guided meditation for stress and anxiety.