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🎙 We often get wrapped up in the stories we tell ourselves and detour into fear. In today’s episode of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast, our meditation is about creating space between yourself and your thoughts so you can learn to see through the lens of love. From the perspective of the witness you see that you, in fact, are not your thoughts. You are SO MUCH MORE.

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All of our negative thoughts and stories can engulf us if we let them and the ego, (our fear-based mind) will take us down. 

But I think one of the most important gifts we develop through our yoga and meditation practice is witnessing. In yoga, sakshi (witness) is the ability to notice your thoughts without identifying or reacting to them.

So, in today’s meditation, we’re going to step back and be the witness to our thoughts in order to find a new, more loving perspective, and peace of mind in the process. 


Witnessing Meditation

Start either in a seated position or lying down. Relax your hands and feel what feels best for you in this moment. As you close your eyes, your breath begins to guide you inside. Soften your body so your breath naturally grows a little deeper and take a few full breaths here. 

And now, become aware of your thoughts, by simply noticing them pass across your mind like clouds in the sky.

Then turn your attention to your breath at the tip of your nose. Watch the breath as it flows in and out there.

Feel the quality of your observation and recognise that you have the capacity to focus your mind. In this moment, you’re cultivating witness consciousness, an aspect of your higher self and intelligence. 

Now, return to watching your thoughts. Allow a particular thought to arise, maybe as a word, image or movie in your mind, and in the same way that you focused on your breath, step in with your presence, so you can step back from the thought.  

There’s no need to get attached to it or give it any meaning. 

Just allow the thought to arise, observe it, and let it fade or float away.  

Let’s try that again. Allow a thought to arise, observe it, and let it fade or float away.

One more time. Allow a thought to arise, observe it, and let it fade or float away... on the winds of your breath, like clouds. 

This is where you remember what you’re made of. 

Because in the space that you’ve created from your thoughts, you can respond, rather than react and reroute yourself from fear back to love. 

As you change the way in which you observe by calling on your presence, you’ll see the outcome upon your whole experience, not only internally, but the external unravellings, too. 

From the perspective of the witness you see that you, in fact, are not your thoughts. You are SO MUCH MORE. 

Let that mindfulness support you and teach you throughout your day. 

Anytime you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts this week, remind yourself: I see through the lens of love.

Let this mantra guide you to pause - so you can create a new story in your mind and choose a more loving perspective. 

And know that you can return to this meditation whenever you need to.  

Inhale deeply and exhale completely, saturating your whole body with awareness. And when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes to the room. 

I thank you so much for meditating with me. 


From my heart to yours, Namaste.


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