Your Heart is a Portal

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To help you strengthen your connection to your intuition and open the portal to the wisdom of your own heart and soul, in episode #16 of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast, I’ll lead you through a heart-centred Savasana practice for deep relaxation and nourishment. 


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Lie down and get as cosy as you can. Give yourself permission to rest here in stillness, in the safety of your own container. 

Close your eyes and inhale fully and exhale completely, letting any tension flow away with ease.

Follow this breath as it softly moves in and out. Notice its natural path.

Start to send the energy of your breath to every corner of your body. Down each leg to your feet. Down each arm to your hands. And then up through your head to your crown.

Keep breathing in this way until you feel completely relaxed. 

Now begin to rub your hands together to activate and awaken your heart chakra - anahata - your centre of unconditional love (for yourself and others), compassion and joy.

Place your hands over your heart and take a deep nourishing breath in and release it. Feel the warmth of your hands holding your heart. Breathe into your heart, letting it soften and expand on your breath. 

Now imagine a soft pink light emanating from your heart chakra. As you inhale, it gets brighter and as you exhale it expands. 

Let your breath carry this light down through the rest of your body as you breathe. 

As it fills you up, let yourself be fully embraced by an energy of love, devotion and belonging. 

The pink light surrounds you with its nurturing energy, holding you and supporting you, restoring and healing you. 

Fully relax into this loving light that you’ve generated from your heart centre. 

Let it fill you up. 

Feel its intelligence... its rhythm... its power... as a bridge between the cosmos and the earth… as the access point to your soul. 

Rest here awhile and listen to the whispers.

If you have a question you’d like guidance on, ask it now. 

All of the answers and light you seek are inside the portal of your own heart. 

The more time you spend here, connecting, the more clearly you’ll be guided. 

Breathe and receive. 

Trust that whatever comes through is exactly as it needs to be. 

Breathe and receive. 

Tune in.

Breathe and receive. 

Be still and know. 

Then, when you’re ready, take one last deep breath in. Breathe out completely and open your eyes, letting that guide you throughout the rest of your day. 



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