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Your breath is your life force and your most powerful tool for shifting your energy. Even just one minute of intentional breathing and stillness can change your life. That's why episode 12 of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast is short and sweet! I'll guide you through a simple breathing practice that will slow down your energy, calm your mind and help you feel better - fast. 

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When we’re stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or angry, our breathing speeds up and gets shallower. We take in tiny sips of air and tend to breathe only into the tops of the lungs, like we’re silently protesting against life. This way of breathing activates our sympathetic nervous system, or our fight/flight response and we get stuck in a fear spiral.  

Most of the time, we don’t even notice because we’re moving so quickly throughout our day.But, the good news is that we can shift this pattern, surrender into sync with that mysterious force that flows through life and feel better - fast. 

Right now, as you’re listening to this, I want you to place your hand on your belly and just notice… Where does your breath live in your body? 

Take a deep breath in, down towards the depths of your belly and imagine yourself physically filling, top to bottom, side to side. Breathe out completely and feel yourself land here, with me in this moment. 

Even just one minute a day of intentional breathing and stillness can change your life.

And the best part is, you can breathe wherever you are. 

The technique I’m sharing today is called the Triangle Breath, or if you want to simplify it even more, the One-Minute Breath, to remind you that you can do it as little as one minute a day! It’s a simple practice to centre you and reduce stress. 

A few years ago, I had a lot going on - in business and in life, I was anxious all the time and my light had well and truly burnt out. I had to remind myself to breathe! I remember practising this breath in my car, or in bathrooms and I can’t tell you how many times it reorganised my energy and brought me back into alignment. 

Right now there’s a lot of collective anxiety, fear and uncertainty swirling around, so my prayer for this podcast is that it’ll help to support you in the same way. 

Here’s how you do it:

Get comfortable wherever you are. You can sit, stand or lie down. Close your eyes if you can and it’s safe to do so. 

Breathe in through your nose for a count of 5; 

Hold your breath for a count of 5;

Breathe out through your nose for a count of 5. 

If it helps you create more relief and release, exhale through your mouth instead. 

Let’s breathe for a minute together now. 

Now, let it go and when you’re ready, bring yourself back into your day. 

Practise this breathing pattern for a minute (or more) a day. Take a breath to slow down your energy, calm your mind and feel better fast. 



Deeper breaths are waiting. Soothe stress and restore your body, mind and soul.

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