Meditate Your Way to More Self-Love in Minutes


The road to self love can feel vulnerable at times, but when you have the courage to go within and connect with your soul, you’ll find that you have everything that you could ever want, have or need, right there inside you. In episode #009 of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast, I'll guide you through a Self-Love Meditation that will help you tune in to that place of love, peace and power - in minutes. 

When our minds get lost in our limiting beliefs and we get stuck in feelings of self-doubt, our thoughts are often masking a deeper truth - a lack of self-worth and not being “enough”.  

In today’s world, we’re conditioned to be better humans all the time, which leads us to feeling like we’re not (and never will be) enough. While goal-setting and self-discovery are potent tools for transformation, growth doesn’t necessarily mean changing who we are. It means becoming the highest expression of ourselves by clearing the blocks and opening up to the beauty of who we already are. Every day, I come back to my yoga mat or meditation cushion to go inwards, instead of looking outside of myself for validation. And I always find what I need. 

The key to cultivating this new pattern in your life is to unlock real self-love. Remembering and believing that you’re worthy of love - especially your own... 

Press play or
 click here to listen to the meditation: 

May this practice help you build a stronger relationship with yourself, the courage to show up authentically and the confidence to share your unique gifts with the world. 

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