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Join me for a short visualisation practice in episode #003 of The Prana + Patchouli Podcast, inspired by the healing waves of the ocean. May this meditation soothe your nervous system, melt away stress and anxiety and help you find your calm.

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When you’re ready, go ahead and get comfy in a seated position, or lying down and close your eyes.

Take a slow, smooth breath in through your nose and an easy exhale out through your mouth. Let that first, full breath be an invitation, to land right here in the present moment. Continue to breathe and sink a little deeper below the surface, into your body and the safety of your own container. Notice how you feel on the inside. Witness any place within you that feels unsettled, or those parts of you that tend to carry tension - your forehead, jaw, neck, shoulders, lower back, belly or hands. Invite them to relax with every inhale and exhale, as the breath rolls through you like a wave. Just like you were holding a conch shell to your ear, listen to the sound of the ocean waves and let the breath lull you into a deeper state of calm and relaxation.

On your next inhale, feel the breath lifting you up, like a wave coming into shore, lapping softly on the sand. As you exhale, feel the breath softening every single cell of your body, as the wave flows back out and the grains of sand on the shore gently shift. 

Even in stillness here, let yourself be moved by the breath to clear anything that feels stuck. 

If watching the breath makes you feel anxious, focus on the movement in your body, rather than the breath itself, to help you relax more. 

Feel the waves and your breath as they ebb and flow, come and go. 

Let the parts of you that are touching the earth become even heavier. Like rocks on the bottom of the ocean bed. Get grounded here. 

Beneath the choppy surface of the ocean, deep in its depths, lies a calm, still space, that also exists within you, at the centre of your being. This is your personal universe, a still sanctuary that you can anchor into at any time, through your breath.

For the next few moments, imagine yourself being rocked and soothed by the waves of the ocean. With every inhale, breathe in calm and with every exhale, feel a wave of serenity washing over you. Continue breathing in this way, visualising the ocean waves flowing with every breath, carrying away any stress, until you find your way back to calm. 

When you’re ready to come out of your meditation, start to feel yourself rising to the surface and slowly float your eyelids back open to the room. 





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