Hi! I'm Amy

I teach restorative yoga and meditation to help you heal stress and light up the world, without burning out.


Hi! I'm Amy

I teach restorative yoga and meditation to help you heal stress and light up the world, without burning out.


I've been on a spiritual path most of my life. 

Throughout my teens and early twenties, my yoga mat was the only place I felt like I truly belonged and a safe space to explore what was stirring inside me.

My practice offered me a divine roadmap to navigate my emotions with grace, connect with my intuition and manifest my innermost dreams and desires.

Today, it's still the heartbeat of my self-care and self-discovery practice and the most important ritual I have, especially in difficult times...

"I choose peace instead of this."

That’s the prayer I wrote in my journal in 2013 when I hit bottom and burnt out with stress, anxiety and depression.

My mistake was ignoring the compassionate alarm my intuition had been sounding for a while… I was out of alignment with all that I was here to be.

The legal career I'd worked so hard for was no longer a match for my soul and deep down, I knew I was meant for more.

Seeking answers that weren't "out there", I turned inwards and soothed my nervous system with restorative flows and healing meditations.

The day I chose a softer way of being, I realigned with my true purpose: to be a source of peace and inspiration in the world. 

That's when my inner guide whispered: “you need to share these tools”. 

So, I trusted that voice (because she never steers me wrong) and booked a plane to Bali where I enrolled in a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Eoin Finn and Blissology. 

Since then, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to touch thousands of lives through my yoga classes, workshops, retreats, membership, blog and podcast.

With my trauma-sensitive training from the Prison Yoga Project, I’ve even helped prisoners find calm behind bars.

Now I'm here to change the world, one breath at a time (after all, I am an Aquarius).

Which brings me to you... 

I know that you're busy out there lighting up the world.

You dream big and work hard.

Your huge heart means you're always taking care of others.

But even a warrior like you needs a sanctuary to catch her breath and nourish her body, mind and soul.


My mission is to help you live your dreams and light up the world, without burning out.

Here, you'll find restorative practices and tools to remind you of the truth: that you're worthy of rest and you already have within you everything you need to shine. 

My yoga mat is where I come home to myself physically, mentally and emotionally and I want that for you too.

So, if you're looking for that next step and want to stay connected, start here by creating sacred time and space for yourself with my Free Mini Restorative Retreat. You'll also get a nourishing note from me in your inbox every Sunday.

I'm so grateful you landed here!

From my heart to yours,


x Amy