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My romance with yoga began as a teenager. My mat was a safe space to explore what was stirring inside me.

Practising in the presence of strong emotions helped me navigate my inner world. Being brave on the mat helped me find courage in real life. Aligning my mind, body and spirit set me free and allowed me to embrace my true purpose: to be a source of peace and inspiration in the world.

But becoming a yoga teacher wasn't always my plan. I'd spent years studying to be a lawyer - feeling stressed, sick, unhappy and unfulfilled. Eventually, after passing the bar exam, I had this sinking feeling that the career I'd worked so hard for was no longer a match for my soul. I knew there had to be a better way.

So with baby steps, deep breaths and one faithful leap, I left the courtroom behind and flew to Bali where I took my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Eoin Finn and Blissology. Since then, I've satisfied my lifelong love of learning and continued to grow with the support of Yoga Medicine and the Prison Yoga Project.

Over the years, when I showed up to the mat, my practice showed up for me tenfold, offering a spiritual roadmap to my innermost dreams and desires. Today, it’s still the heartbeat of my self-discovery and awareness practice - and the most important ritual I have. Especially in challenging times... 

“I choose peace instead of this”. That’s what I wrote in my journal as I sat in bed one night with chest pains and a racing heart, convinced I was having a heart attack. After all sorts of tests, my doctor diagnosed me with depression and anxiety. 

My mistake was ignoring the compassionate alarm my intuition had been sounding for a while… I needed to slow down.

I’d spent over a decade pushing past stress and anxious emotions as I built my dreams, without giving my soul time and space to truly heal.

This way of being pushed me so far out of balance that my light finally blew out.

Restorative yoga became my unique brand of magic. I relished my meditations, filled my mind with mantras and scribbled in my journal to let go of the limiting beliefs that were stifling my peace and potential.

My practice helped me navigate tricky emotions and come back to centre.

Creativity and inspiration started to flow again.

Feeling lighter and brighter, I knew that I wanted to inspire people to feel this way somehow. I was ready to change the world, one breath at a time. That's when my soul whispered: you need to share these tools”.

Which brings me to you.

I believe you came into this life with a deep inner knowing that you're on this earth for a reason.

That like me, you have a big vision and a huge heart, and you're here to serve and inspire others. 

Deep down, you know you have all the wisdom within you to make it happen.

But the road to manifesting your dreams can be bumpy at times...

Even though you TRUST in yourself and your beautiful vision, you're not immune to anxiety, stress, self-doubt and other big feelings that block you from your true power and sharing your gifts with the world.

I want you to know that we can be leaders and lighthouses to those around us AND feel the full spectrum of emotions, thoughts and fears that come with being human.

I certainly do.

But we can't serve from an empty cup.

When we're supporting others, it's super important that we feel supported too.

That's why I created this platform: an online sanctuary dedicated to practice, relaxation, healing and growth.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to touch thousands of lives through my digital products, workshops, membership and online yoga classes. With my trauma-sensitive training, I’ve even helped prisoners find calm behind bars. 

In my legal career, I wanted to give a voice to those that needed it and in doing so, I unlocked my own. Comments like "you're too quiet" have plagued me almost all my life, so I was surprised - and delighted - when someone told me my voice was “as comforting as butter on a hot crumpet”. Following my bliss revealed my greatest gifts.

And now, I'm grateful that my story's been featured in publications such as OmYoga Magazine and How to Be A Yoga Rockstar by Martin D Clark.

I’m here to serve. I’m here to walk my talk and live my practice. Right here with you. 

But please know this: I’m only human. I don’t have all the answers and I’m far from zen all the time. But the greatest gift I can give, is to share the truth of what I’m living and learning with you. 

And I've put ALL of that into my flagship offering...


In my 'dark night of the soul', I longed for an instant support system that gave me all the tools I needed to heal and come home to myself. I knew that if I felt this way, others did too, so I poured my heart into the creation of my monthly mind-body-spirit membership and community, LIGHTER

The portal is a sacred sanctuary that will hold space for you to relax into your intuition, reduce stress and experience more flow and synchronicity in your life. 

When you join the membership, you'll have all of my most precious resources for peace and personal growth at your fingertips. It's like having me as your personal yoga teacher, here to guide you every breath of the way. Moment by moment, you'll feel empowered, supported and inspired as you align your energy with your dreams.


If you’re still reading, thank you! I hope this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship! The best way to stay connected is to sign up for my list - just enter your name and email.

Plus, you’ll get a free guided Calming Meditation as soon as you subscribe. 

It’ll help you melt away stress and anxiety in minutes - so you can cultivate calm and get back to building your dreams in no time at all.


I’m so grateful you landed here.

From my heart to yours,

xo Amy

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